String Kings loves guitars!

Started by two passionate guitar players from Melbourne, Australia, the team at String Kings understands that almost all guitar players at some point devote endless hours scouring and searching to find the guitar or a piece of guitar gear that excites them. Something new to inspire or motivate them! To bring out creativity otherwise left dormant within them… Maybe something nostalgic or something their idols used to deliver music they fell in love with.

As guitar players, we are continually evolving. Our tastes mature and change over time, moving us in different directions and places with our playing. We love to try new things, discover new tones, create and dial in our own sound and others, well.. they just straight have GAS (gear/guitar acquisition syndrome for those not familiar with the term) For those familiar with the term, it’s probably best not to tell your significant other about our site! 😀

Fender, Gibson, PRS, Marshall, Boss, Ernie Ball, Ibanez… your next Stratocaster, Tele, JEM, Les Paul, Acoustic, Bass, SG, Silver Sky… you name it, we will have something that appeals to you!

String Kings marketplace was born to bridge the gap between you and your next dream guitar or piece of gear around Australia and connect you with a trusted, honest and broad community of like minded guitar lovers all in one place.

 Australia’s Online Guitar Gear Marketplace

We have created Australia’s online guitar gear marketplace that allows you to Buy, Sell or just Trade your own gear with our Aus-Wide Guitar Community.

 Supporting Australia’s Music Community

Raising much needed funds through percentages of profits for charities such as Support Act.

Free Listings!

Enjoy the benefits of our Free to List and User-friendly platform created to maximise the opportunity to find buyers and traders for your guitar gear!

Verified Buyers & Sellers

We constantly monitor every ad and sign up registrations to make sure you only deal with credible buyers and traders. We give you the assurance that your gear will be sold and traded to real people only!

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Grab everything you need to get the most of your playing experience!

No “Wanted" or “Looking for" Ads

No scrolling through ads that aren’t relevant when searching for your next dream guitar or gear purchase. We want to make sure that our marketplace only have ads from sellers and traders listing items currently in their possession. This invites a much smoother buying/selling/trading experience. It also goes a long way to lowering the risk of predatory scammers praying on our community of genuine buyers and sellers.